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The Schedule of Events, December 8 - 9

Lounge Talks & Presentations


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10:00 pm/4:00pm

Welcome Party

Our Welcome Party is brought to you by our special guest, the fabulous Nikki Rich!

Nikki is the TV & Radio Personality, Founder and CEO of The Nikki Rich Show, a Cable Television Show & Online Radio Network, that helps to build brands utilizing our social platform as your source for business corporations, entertainment, fashion, news and sports.

Nikki is Own ambassador at OWN Ambassadors, owners at OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Nikki Rich

TV & Radio Personality, CEO of The Nikki Rich Show

09:30 am/3:30am
Summit Introduction

14 year old inspirational speaker Niel Smit from South Africa will be the MC for this special summit.

He is a passionate Fifa player and wants to change the world one person at a time.


Niel Smit

Summit MC

10:00 am/4:00AM
I’ll have what she’s having

Magriet is the founder of Write and Shine PR and Media Coaching. She is a certified Life Coach and a Public Relations specialist with 20 years of experience in her field. She now helps coaches and business owners through her coaching and consulting, to not only get confidently noticed in the media and stand out in their industries as leaders in their field, but to shine. 

Magriet prepared a special masterclass for you about powerful storytelling through the new way of PR in the Media and Social Media world. 


Magriet Potgieter

Life Coach and Public Relations specialist

11:00 am/5:00AM
Building relationships with virtual events

As a virtual events coach, Alexandra brings over 15 years of project management and event planning experience across multiple industries, geographies and scale of business. She is specifically attuned to the unique challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs face in the online business environment.

In this session Alexandra will talk about how virtual events can become powerful relationship building tools. When you truly collaborate with speakers and your event partners, you build relationships for life.


Alexandra Bytchkova

Virtual Events Strategist/Coach

12:00 PM/6:00AM
Live Your Vision and Change The World

In 2002 Johnny envisioned and created a new concept in building relationships, a new type of networking group, “Vision:Miami.” A place that brought the business, artistic, not-for-profit, musical, and political worlds together around the theme of, Vision. Vision:Miami was featured in the Miami Herald as a “Group that helps members achieve their visions.”

For this summit Johnny has brought a special session to you on how to live your vision and make significant impact in the global community. 

Johnny Regan

Chief Visionary at The Movies and Popcorn Movement

1:00 pm/7:00AM
Strength in Vulnerability

Tim is the Founder of DadBod Warrior – an integrative approach to health & fitness for dads struggling to nourish their bodies and souls.

TIm will talk about bringing back and building confidence.


Tim Pederson

Founder of Dad Bod Warrior and Epic Dad Stories

5:00 pm/11:00am
Conversations over Conversions: How to Master Relationship Online Marketing

Martine Cadet is a Social Media Content Coach and Creator for Female Coaches. She helps her clients convert viewers into paying clients, never run out of things to say, and are confident in connecting with their audience by mastering the skill of storytelling.

Martine will talk about how we can shift our focus from engaging solely to covert and focus on building real conversations first, more meaningful stronger relationships happen and therefore result in greater success for our own personal life and for our business.


Martine Cadet

Social Media Content Coach and Creator

6:00 PM/12:00pm
Creating Communities from the Heart

Wendi specialises in helping coaches, authors and creatives innovate, stand out and excel as leaders in their field. All based on purpose and value driven impact, neuroscience, and humanitarian principles.

Today Wendi is going to share with us how to build a thriving and engaged online community around your passions.

Wendi Klein Blum

Podcaster, Business Strategist and Speaker

09:00 PM/3:00pm
Authentically YOU

Kimberle Seale is mentor, coach, business owner, teacher, connector and most importantly, Wife and Mom of 4 children. She is the founder of Vincerem, a social enterprise helping small businesses build vision and momentum to grow, scale, and transform dreams into reality. it’s the business owner’s VISION that guides every decision we make, and momentum pulls us closer to our future where we will live healthier, wealthier, and happier lives.

Today Kimberle will talk about how being yourself brings holistic joy and greatness to your life.


Kimberle Seale

President & Founder of Vincerem

10:00 PM/4:00pm
Your Story Matters

Vince is an award-winning Business and Marketing Strategist, coach, author of Chasing the Insights and host of the Chasing the Insights podcast. Vince has founded multiple companies including the Chasing the Insights Podcast and Academy where he empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to grow the business they have always dreamed of.

Vince will talk about crafting and telling effective stories to produce greater comprehension, understanding, anticipation, and receptivity of your audience.


Vince Warnock

Author, Podcast Host and Marketing Strategist/Coach

11:00 AM/5:00pm
The New Paradigm of Leadeship

Gaby is a serial Entrepreneur, International business coach, online business  strategist, world renowned  artist, International best selling author, motivational Speaker and globe trotter. As a certified transformational life and business coach, Gaby is creating a new paradigm  of leadership  for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to monetize their business  online and offline.

Gabriela will teach leaders to connect to their purpose and walk in The New Paradigm of Leadership. In this paradim leaders put service, love and contribution at the forefront.

Gabriela Delgadillo

CEO/Founder Coach TalkCafe

0:00 AM/6:00pm
Closing Ceremony

Join us for a fun filled virtual party with prizes, cocktails and a special guest, Benjamin Levy who will perform his Virtually Impossible taster session for us! Bring a deck of cards and be prepared to be surprised!

We will be wearing our best evening outfits for you! Dress up as well and let’s celebrate!


Dress up Party with Ben, the Mind Magician!

Hands-On Workshops


Available only to holders of the Celebration Pack. (The link is included below)

2:00 pm/08:00AM
Movement Workshop

Love for Fitness & Sport: this was something Stephanie developed later in life. Sport became the reason Stephanie woke up in the morning and it’s through sport that she has met most of her friends. It has taught her how to work with people, how to achieve goals, even how to set goals that are attainable.

Stephanie has prepared a special yoga session for you to warm-up your muscles and help you re-connect with yourself.

Retreat leader & Yoga teacher
3:00 pm/09:00AM
Create your vision board

Kirsten’s background is in fashion design and art. She firmly believes in the power of creativity and play as tools to live a more fulfilled life by making one’s goals and dreams a reality.

In this class Kirsten is going to guide you into making your personal vision board. This vision board is about you and your passions and will highlight everything exceptional about you. This will become a guide in both your personal or professional life.


Kirsten Kuipers

Fashion Designer, Founder of Troubelle

7:00 PM/1:00pm
Stories: The Fabric of Commerce

Stephen is here to help you make your story compelling, interesting and fun. Each of us – whether we know it or not – has a powerful story. Knowing how to unpack that story and share is one of the key ways we can be unique, in demand and authentically cut through the noise in these modern times. Whether you’re writing a book, building a brand, selling good and services or you’re kicking back with your family – Stories are the fabric of commerce.

In his LIVE workshop Stephen will cover:

  • The 3 types of stories every person should have if they want to cut through the noise and build trust fast.
  • The 3 questions you NEED to ask before you tell a story.
  • The P.E.A.R Method. Using the SpeakerGenius P.E.A.R. Method to improve your story and share it with the world even if: you don’t know what it is, what to say about it or you’re afraid.


Stephen Steers

Founder of SpeakerGenius

8:00 PM/2:00pm
Create Confidence

Learn 3 key belief clearing process’s to stop impostor complex now so that you can fully trust yourself (and Spirit!).

Wil Carlos is a belief clearing expert for small business owners who want to be fully seen with a sense of ease and confidence. After delivering his signature belief clearing session with 400 people in 26 countries, Wil has honed his direct, “No-fluff” approach to help his clients drop resistance to self promotion and marketing so they can sign new clients.

Described by his clients as a “Human Polygraph” Wil helps his clients see exactly where they have been subconsciously staying safe so that they can end the burnout and confusion and have more ease and fun in their business!

Self confidence is natural. What stops it is the fear of being judged or criticized. The #1 fear I hear entrepreneurs share is the fear of hearing the phrase “Who do you think you are??”

In this workshop Wil will show you how to dig down, and clear this fear at its core, so that you can rise to the top of your game, shift from excellence to genius, and OWN your expertise.

Wil Carlos

Belief Clearing Expert, Founder of the 100 Women Of Vision

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