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This is what You’ll Get in Your Celebration Pack

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Unlimited Access to all the sessions plus worksheets to make it easier for you to follow the presentations and take action!
— Action Taker Bundle
Access to our 4 LIVE workshops: Movement class Speaker Genius Vision Board Imposter Syndrome sessions!
— Virtual Experience Bundle
Get our Celebrating Connections special Summit ebook to help you stay inspired and motivated throughout 2021
— Summit E-Book Bundle.
Participate in the summit's PREMIUM prize draw to win exclusive gifts
— Virtual Party Bundle
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— Networking Bundle.
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Want a Sneak Peak inside the Celebration Package?

These are the special gifts included in the package!

Virtual Experience Bundle

Stories: The Fabric of Commerce

Each of us – whether we know it or not – has a powerful story.

Knowing how to unpack that story and share is one of the key ways we can be unique, in demand and authentically cut through the noise in these modern times. Whether you’re writing a book, building a brand, selling good and services or you’re kicking back with your family – Stories are the fabric of commerce.

In his LIVE workshop Stephen will cover:

  • The 3 types of stories every person should have if they want to cut through the noise and build trust fast.
  • The 3 questions you NEED to ask before you tell a story.
  • The P.E.A.R Method. Using the SpeakerGenius P.E.A.R. Method to improve your story and share it with the world even if: you don’t know what it is, what to say about it or you’re afraid.

Create Confidence

Learn 3 key belief clearing process’s to stop impostor complex now so that you can fully trust yourself (and Spirit!).

Wil Carlos is a belief clearing expert for small business owners who want to be fully seen with a sense of ease and confidence. After delivering his signature belief clearing session with 400 people in 26 countries, Wil has honed his direct, “No-fluff” approach to help his clients drop resistance to self promotion and marketing so they can sign new clients.

Self confidence is natural. What stops it is the fear of being judged or criticized. The #1 fear I hear entrepreneurs share is the fear of hearing the phrase “Who do you think you are??”

In this workshop Wil will show you how to dig down, and clear this fear at its core, so that you can rise to the top of your game, shift from excellence to genius, and OWN your expertise.

Vision Board Workshop

Let your inner power shine!

Kirsten’s background is in fashion design and art. She firmly believes in the power of creativity and play as tools to live a more fulfilled life by making one’s goals and dreams a reality.

In this class Kirsten is going to guide you into making your personal vision board.

This vision board is about you and your passions and will highlight everything exceptional about you. This will become a guide in both your personal or professional life.

Movement Workshop

Clear your mind and unleash your full potential.

Love for Fitness & Sport: this was something Stephanie developed later in life. Sport became the reason Stephanie woke up in the morning and it’s through sport that she has met most of her friends. It has taught her how to work with people, how to achieve goals, even how to set goals that are attainable.

Stephanie has prepared a special yoga session for you to warm-up your muscles, clear your mind and you re-connect with yourself.



The Action Taker Bundle

Get unlimited access to all of the speaker presentations

Build thriving and engaging online communities around your passions.
Shift from engaging solely to covert to focusing on building real conversations.
Craft and tell effective stories to connect with your audience.

Powerful storytelling through the new way of PR in the Media and Social Media world.

Host successful virtual events and build meaningful relationships for life.
Live your vision and make a significant impact in the global community.
Being your authentic self brings holistic joy and greatness to your life.
Become a leader who puts service, love and contribution at the forefront.
Find strength in vulnerability and build your confidence.



The Virtual Party Bundle

Win amazing prizes and connect with exceptional experts

Disrepute the Liberate Me™ Private Members Club
(Value $249)
Empowerment Coaching Session and 5 - Day Empower Yourself Challenge Videos
(Value $547)
One page Advert in the MAY LUX Magazine

(Value $500)

Intensive coaching session to tackle a business concern, anything from Sales to Marketing
(Value $300)

The Networking Bundle

Bringing People Together and Making Things Happen.

The Business Networking Lounge eliminates time-consuming search for the right experts for your virtual events or other joint ventures by providing a database of experts at your fingertips.

Grow Your Network

Finding the right connection just got a whole lot easier! Grow your network, build authentic relationships and have fun!

Find the Right Speakers

Find the right experts, connect with them and start building relationships. Step up your game and ensure that you form partnerships and invite experts to your events whose message is aligned with yours.

Accelerate Your Success

Save research time and accelerate your journey to finding a perfect match for your events and other business collaborations.